SHAPE 2024!

Experience an enriching day on your homeschooling journey at The Summit Environmental Education Center at Haw River State Park. Join us on July 21st 2024 for a conference uniquely designed for secular homeschooling families like yours, offering a wealth of resources and support.


SHAPE (Secular Homeschoolers Association for Progressive Education) is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and supportive community for homeschoolers. Our mission is to bring together like-minded homeschooling families, providing a platform to share resources, experiences, and ideas. Through collaboration and mutual support, we strive to empower each other in creating a diverse and enriching educational environment where our children feel safe and encouraged to express themselves fully.

Our 2024 Conference incorporates our mission and includes the following:

  • Secular Focus: SHAPE ensures an inclusive environment where diverse perspectives are celebrated, making this conference ideal for families who value a secular approach to education.

  • Resource Expo: Explore a diverse array of high-quality secular resources curated to enhance your homeschooling experience.

  • Dynamic Presenters: Engage with thought-provoking and experienced presenters who bring valuable insights to the secular homeschooling community.

  • Network Opportunities: Connect with like-minded homeschoolers, where a community of support and shared experiences will be fostered.

  • Breakout Sessions: Attend interactive workshops where you can collaborate, share ideas, and refine your homeschooling approach.


Our schedule features a wide array of classes throughout the day, covering topics ranging from curriculum choices to Homeschool 101. Explore, engage, and enrich your homeschooling journey with a multitude of educational sessions tailored to meet the varied interests of our vibrant community.

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